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  • Sarah Wells


My e-course, Boundaries for Abundance was supposed to launch October 2022.

I even had everything ready! The beta cohort was enrolled to start testing, and the course was supposed to be in your hands.

But at the start of October I underwent an unexpected surgery that had me hitting pause on EVERYTHING.

I could have kept going as planned. Afterall, I was bedridden and sedentary for some time. I certainly could have pushed the buttons and did the things.

And a tiny voice in my head told me I should. The voice that was concerned about people pleasing and meeting certain metrics, keeping on track before the holidays, and the part of me that KNEW it wasn't smart to launch a new program during Black Friday...

and on and on and on the voice goes.

If there is one thing I've learned as a counselor and coach, it's this:

It starts with me. My client success starts with me.

I set the tone. And I want to model that you can feel confident in hitting pause and prioritizing your health before anything else too.

So I did the hard thing: I set the boundary. I committed to my healing BEFORE my launching.

And you know what?

I have zero regrets about it.

I feel better than ever and I stayed true to my values as a business owner. The individuals who have taken the course so far have reported great success, powerful insights, emotional healing, and big life changes!

We don't always get to choose our circumstances, but we do get to choose the frequency by which we interact with them.

If you're looking for permission to listen to your body and hit the pause button, I am your girl!! I gotchu. Permission granted! If you decide that things will work out, they will work out. :)

If you'd like the improve your relationship with boundaries, overcome the fear of using them, and develop key skills the effectively communicate your needs, check out the course here!

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