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  • Sarah Wells

How I'm Protecting Myself From Burnout

A client recently asked me, "how are you protecting yourself from burnout?"

And I'll tell you what...

Their innocent question left me feeling CALLED OUT by the universe.

But I do appreciate the question. I think it's important for all of us to consider (especially those of us who work in the helping professions).

Here's what I told them:

"Honestly, I'm still figuring that out. I'm still learning what works for me and as I experience different seasons, my needs for burnout prevent change too. But here's a few things I currently do:

  • I set really good boundaries. For example, I refuse to talk on the phone past 7pm and I straight up ignore texts and messages that are drama related. I do not engage in drama, and I do not therapize people in my personal life.

  • I exercise or move my body daily. This is a non-negotiable for me. Sometimes its and intense workout, other times its just frolicking and having fun looking for mushrooms and bugs in the forest.

  • I prioritize sleep and hydration, and nutrition as best as I can (if I'm not properly fueled, I am not my best.

  • I work with my own therapist, coach, mentors, healers, etc.

  • I use CBD oil to help mitigate my anxiety.

  • I'm mindful of what media I consume. Including music. I love sad-girl-music as much as the best of em but sometimes it's counter productive to the frequency I'm trying to live at. I also don't watch tv (my tv is literally unplugged and behind my couch lol) but if I do watch something I am mindful that it isn't violent or trauma triggering.

  • I take BREAKS from all the self-help inspirational David Goggins kind of stuff. There's such a thing as too much self-help.

  • I do as much weekly prep as I can so that I have less to think about/do during the busy week.

  • I schedule time for solitude, loneliness, and boredom.

  • I'm honest with myself and honest with other. Hardest, but most important thing to do.

I'm not perfect that burnout prevention by any means, but I recognize the importance here.

I'm curious- which of these resonated with you? What do you do to prevent burnout? Send me a DM on Instagram @kelseekeitel and let me know how you're preventing burnout!

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